Virtual Personal Training and Pilates

Virtual Personal Training

Our Virtual Personal Training services provide customized training programs to meet individual fitness needs and goals while not being able to use our facilities.  Our certified Personal Trainers will educate and inform you about technique, proper body mechanics, and sound health and fitness principles.

Consent Form - Virtual PT(PDF)

Virtual Personal Training Packet

Virtual Private Pilates

Virtual Private Pilates is one-on-one sessions with our Certified Pilates Instructor who will provide coaching so you can maintain your proper form and cue you into each move with precision and skill. Your sessions will be designed specifically for your fitness needs &goals. *Virtual sessions may include any equipment that you have or simply on the mat.

Consent Form - Virtual Pilates

Virtual Pilates Packet

How to Sign Up:

Complete Information and Attached Signed Virtual Consent Form Here:

Virtual Personal Training or Private Pilates Packages

Assessment: $25

This 30-minute virtual fitness assessment identifies your current fitness levels and serves as a baseline, or starting point of your body's physical fitness. You can use this fitness assessment to figure out your training needs and goals. You then compare your progress over time to the initial fitness assessment.

Virtual Jump Start: $70

This two-session service includes a 30-minute fitness assessment and a 60-minute personal training or pilates session. The private session will focus on the results of the fitness assessment and target areas of improvement.

1-on-1 Sessions
  • 1 Session: $55
  • 5 Sessions: $220 (Buy 4 get 1 Free!)

You and your personal trainer or pilates instructor will develop a virtual personalized exercise program based on your health history, goals and fitness level. Your trainer will instruct you on proper technique and exercise options, as well as motivate you to achieve your health and fitness goals virtually.

Partner Sessions (2 People + Trainer)
  • 5 Sessions: $360 (Buy 4 get 1 Free!)

*Assessment included in any training package purchase (new clients only)

Interested in virtual personal training or pilates with a friend? Partner training, for two individuals, is a based off of a 1-on-1 virtual personal training or pilates session.

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